Because your opinion is the most important, we design your garden project creatively and in close collaboration with you, in line with your needs and your dreams.



Carrying out the work

You decide how the project will be carried out, and we will provide a complete service from price quotation, to completion of the project and seasonal maintenance if required.



Irrigation Systems

Flowering gardens greatly benefit from an efficient irrigation system. We can design and install one for you, leaving you free to just relax and enjoy your garden.


How we go about creating your garden project

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Inspecting and analyzing the property

Before embarking on the project, you will need to reflect and consider carefully where you want to locate your garden project, and what you want from it.

We will then translate your ideas into practice, taking into account your stated lifestyle needs , the nature of the building and surrounding areas, the soil quality, as well as the garden aspect in terms of sun, shade and wind conditions.

Creating the concept

After gathering and analyzing all the necessary information we will create a first draft. We will then discuss our proposals with you, and will include your comments. After your final approval, we can start work on your new garden.

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3D visualization

Once you have approved our design, we will create 3D visualizations which will give you a clear idea of how your new garden will look.

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Garden projects and carrying out the work

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Irrigation Systems

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